What Is the Cost of a Spool Pool?

A spool pool, sometimes called a plunge pool or cocktail pool, is much like a cross between a pool and a spa. It’s a smaller pool with some spa amenities and lends a resort-like style to your backyard. Spool pools are perfect for when you have little space but want a pool for entertaining. While they may be smaller, they are highly customizable so your backyard can have just the vibe you want.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for a spool pool in your backyard:

How Big Are Spool Pools?

Spool pools often have about 300 square feet of space for swimming. This may sound large, but it’s actually less than the space of a two-car garage. There are also slightly smaller and larger models on the market at different price points.

The Cost of Spool Pools

According to Angi, formerly Angie’s List, you can expect to pay $4,000 to $5,000 for an above-ground spool pool without many features. Excavating the ground is the biggest cost associated with pool installation, so expect above-ground units to cost significantly less.

$15,000 is the average cost of a spool pool that is a slightly smaller than the average size. These pools won’t have many features, and they can often be done as a DIY project above ground. If you don’t need a heater in your region, you could use the money that would have gone to a heater on sprucing it up with a feature such as extra lighting.

$20,000 will get you an average-sized spool pool that has the basic features it needs such as lighting, water jets, heaters or even seating. You can have your spool pool either above-ground or in-ground.

$25,000 will get you an average pool of average size and with average features like seating, lighting, extra jets or even a water feature.

$30,000 will get you a spool pool that is a bit larger than average-sized. You can also get extra features like a system that recirculates the pool’s water through a current. Spools in this price tier are in-ground.

$50,000 can get you one of the highest-end of these small pools. It can be larger than average and have a wide range of features and amenities. You can have them with TV screens, the best lighting, surround sound, seating and more. These spools are pure luxury for the backyard.


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