Top Tips for Making your Home Airbnb Ready

Breakaways might be about escape, but there are a few essential aspects that every traveller requires, irrespective of the duration of their trip, or their destination. These essentials include a modicum of comfort, clean linen, ablution facilities with hot water, and most importantly, privacy.

  1. Privacy

As a homeowner, you may be looking for ways to generate an additional income. An excellent way to do this, is to rent out space within your home or garden as an Airbnb. However, unless travellers are on a shoestring budget, they’re not likely to want to share their space with strangers.

Many property owners have opted to construct log cabins in their gardens to serve as a spare room for family visitors, or as an Airbnb rental. This ensures a safe, private space for visitors to stay within while still being able to experience the culture of the community and country they’re visiting.

  1. Comfort

The amount of money a traveller is willing to spend will determine the level of comfort they can expect at their chosen accommodation establishment. You can ensure a reasonable level of comfort for your Airbnb tenants by adding homely touches to the space.

If you have opted for a log cabin in the garden, you can install a small bar fridge, kettle and a selection of coffee, tea, and biscuits for them to enjoy as they ready themselves for a day out. Fresh flowers are always a winner too, especially when you pick them from your own garden.

  1. Ablution Facilities

It goes without saying that hot water is a necessity when renting out any type of accommodation space. If you live in a country where the sun shines often, you could erect solar panels on the roof to harness the natural power of the sun to heat the water.

The ablution facilities available will depend on your budget when you construct your Airbnb. You may decide on a full bathroom, or either only a bath or shower. Ensure that the bathroom is clean and hygienic, and that there is extra toilet paper. If you want to add a treat for your Airbnb tenants, you can put a scented candle in the bathroom, or leave a sachet of aromatic bath salts available for them to use.

  1. Clean Linen

Clean linen ties in with comfort. Few things are as satisfying as drying off your body with a fresh, fluffy towel after a hot shower or bath. The same principle applies when getting into bed. There is an inexplicable feeling of serenity when crawling into a freshly made bed after a long day of sightseeing. Also ensure that there are enough clean, dry tea towels in the kitchen.

There are just a few key points to get you started. Research your prospective target market to determine what their needs are, and begin your Airbnb project accordingly.

Hopefully you’ll soon be raking in a consistent extra income.

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