Modified bitumen vs tpo: Which one is better for your next roofing system?

Installation of a brand new roofing system depends on a lot of factors. It is important to invest in quality, for the sake of high performance. It is not possible to get the roofing system completely redone again and again. Hence, a roofing expert is more equipped to handle roof-related issues with care. Their knowledge and expertise play an important role in the installation of the roof.

Nowadays, clients are looking for a perfect balance of style and performance when it comes to roof systems. Hence, bitumen and tpo are the top choices. These roofing solutions have different features. Therefore, let’s understand the top features and how will clients benefit from these modified bitumen vs tpo roofing solutions.

Bitumen roofing: What does it look like?

When it comes to Bitumen roofing, individuals have expressed their greatest satisfaction. This is due to the strength and performance of bitumen. The ‘’polymer layer’’ of this kind of roofing has been used in the olden days too. Hence, it gives a tougher, yet modern touch. Layers of the polymer are stacked one upon the other to make this kind of roofing system.

Installation of Bitumen roofing is easy. If you are looking for extra protection, solid sheets of bitumen roofing are a good option. If you live in cold areas, a bitumen roofing system is a good choice. Some of the perks of bitumen roofing are as follows:

  • Durable and versatile
  • Strong nature
  • Fewer drawbacks
  • More long-lasting

This roofing system does require a separate drainage system. Although the installation charges can go high due to a lot of work, this roofing system will leave you impressed.

What is tpo roofing?

Tpo roofing is a sheet roofing system that comes with the following benefits:

  • Tpo roofs are tougher. The toughness is slightly higher than bitumen roofing.
  • Tpo roofs are more efficient.
  • It is easy to install tpo roofs due to less labor.
  • When living in hotter climatic areas, tpo roofs are the best.
  • These roofs require fewer few tools when installing them. Hence, the cost is lower.
  • This type of roof is rust-resistant.
  • The color of the roofs does not fade away either.
  • Less damage with tpo roofing

However, which one should you go for? Both tpo and bitumen roofing has significant advantages. But trust your requirements. Choose a roofing system that meets your demands. Look for factors like price as well when installing a new roofing system!

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