Mark Roemer Oakland Describes How to Design a Home That Makes You Feel Happy


Mark Roemer Oakland knows how we create and care for our living environments has the power to energize and inspire us. Happiness begins at home. However, ignored areas can also result in negative emotions and tension, particularly if they are not planned with our individual personalities and routines in mind.

This contributes to the respect that interior designers enjoy for their abilities. Designing a home that is not only problem-free but uplifts mood is challenging. Even though not every homeowner will be able to take on the challenge themselves, there are some simple steps they can take to ensure that their home is headed in the right direction. By making even a few of the following adjustments, you can be sure that you will feel better inside your home.

Color Coordination

Although minimalist homes in white and grey are in style, they do nothing to convey the variety of personalities that exist among their inhabitants. We are unlikely to feel a solid connection to a home if it exudes an excessive sense of order.

As a result, we ought to be inspired to decorate the rooms in a way that reflects our individuality, conjuring complementary yellows and blues.

Light Is Optimistic

While some people may swear they prefer cozy shadows over places with bright lights, our bodies are inherently biased in favor of the sun, even depending on it for our circadian rhythms. As a result, a happy home should promote as much natural light into the living areas as feasible.

Create Your Space

Clutter is frequently linked to stress because it inhibits comfort and expression. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your living area organized while also ensuring you have as much room as possible. To maximize a property’s options, this can include fewer multipurpose rooms, the construction of log cabins and summer homes, or even renovations to an attic or basement.

It’s Your Design

Designing a home to reflect the traits and aesthetics of current trends is a common tendency among residents. While there is undoubtedly plenty to be learned from popular interior design, personalization has just as much to offer.

Whether through personal design preferences or the presence of mementos and photos, rooms should be intrinsically linked to our own lives.

Comfort & Indulgence

A house should be a place that makes us want to come back because it is a safe haven. A home’s design is probably subpar if one does not look forward to returning there. Think about investing in a few opulent accessories, even something as straightforward as a plush blanket. Each of these advantages contributes to a sense of luxury and, more significantly, comfort.

Safety Issues

It can be really beneficial to think about security solutions if one is likely to feel unsafe. Affordable security assets are now even simpler to buy and install thanks to the widespread use of innovative home technology. For instance, doorbell cameras are becoming more popular due to their usefulness and, eventually, their security advantages.


At the end of the day, Mark Roemer Oakland feels that no matter your decision, your home should make you happy. So, if you are satisfied with a dreary old grey and white house, you should do it. However, if you want to add a splash of color, then you should do that. After all, you are the one that has to live there, no one else.

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