Ideas for antique fireplaces -Adding values to your living space

When it comes to home décor, people do not shy away from accepting ideas that are unconventional to others. This includes going back to rustic and vintage designs, which were developed many decades ago and have multiplied values than those periods. Clean lines, minimalistic touches, modern vibes are some of the features that define the vintage architecture and the values that they would add to the required space.

Not to forget, these pieces are flexible within any part of the house. Thus, the upcoming content discusses in detail ideas for antique fireplaces.

The uniqueness

Fireplaces are a unique addition to any household. In a time where such concepts are considered to be outdated, these additions add real value to the living space- you would be able to showcase your choice of décor to the visitors, and also use the corner for getting heat during extreme winters. This is like creating a trend of your own.

The following are popular designs of the fireplaces:

  • Majestic style, characterized by geometric shapes, long and narrow chimney pipe, and triangular base. It comes up in shades of black and white, and also extends to color finishes as per user requirements.
  • Duke malm, characterized by a conical base to spruce up space. It comes up with royal finishes, like blue, matte black, gloss white, or neutral brown.
  • Orb has a unique spherical base and looks good in vibrant and neutral finishes. It is the most expensive out of the three categories.

Some of the fireplace designs also have angular and silhouette touches to fit into the tastes of higher-end customers.

Things to try out

You must never shy away from trying out different ideas related to the fireplaces. Some of these include the following:

  • You can either select to have this single piece at your home or combine the same with other vintage options.
  • Never hesitate to try out the bright colors available, because they would rather complement the dull spaces and add glamor to the eyes of the visitors.
  • Look out for those sources that deal with authentic vintage pieces (look out for customer reviews and ratings to gain a fair idea on this).
  • Check out various blogs that deal with such ideas, and try implementing the best concepts out of those.

On an ending note, getting vintage décor into your home multiplies the value of your property and gives more returns than the base investment.

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