How to apply daily fire safety tips and tricks

Fire damage can cause billions of dollars to companies in case of any incident. And, GOD Forbidden, in case of any life casualty, it is surely not possible to measure the damage in monetary terms.

There are a number of reasons which can make any place vulnerable to fire. A few are mentioned below:

Places which involve Fire/Heat/Flame work are more exposed to catch the fire easily. This is because when a spark or flame reaches temperature more than 1000F can travel up to 35 feet and cause fire blast by mixing with any explorable materials or gases

Another major reason for fire incident is the involvement of flammable material and gasses in daily work. As such materials can catch fire from even a minor ash particle and can cause life threatening damage to the place. Electrical Short circuits are also one of the major causes for fire incidents. Such short circuits are common in companies and also in small family living homes. Damaged wiring, overloaded wires and loops can cause short-circuit at any time. 

Daily Fire Safety Tips and Precautions

This is clear from above mentioned points that a minor negligence or mistake in handling daily work can make your place or home vulnerable to fire hazards. You must check details regarding fire hazards safety at and in order to make your workplace or home a safe place for living or working, below are some of the safety tips which if, included in daily routine can make fire risk so minimal.

  • Encourage and train your staff to report any near miss instantly to the safety team of the organization to make necessary arrangements timely. Also, staff should be well trained to respond in case of such incidents
  • Keep a close eye over the electrical circuits & wiring structure of the place and make sure not to overload circuits beyond their capacity
  • Proper arrangements should be done to store flammable material and gasses to keep them away from any kind of fire, spark or flame
  • Install fire alarms and fire extinguishers at every possible place, so that any emerging fire incident can be managed before explosion
  • Fire alarms should be inspected and checked for proper working on monthly basis
  • Emergency exits should be clearly marked and easily accessible from all points of the workplace
  • Make proper smoking zones at workplace i.e., away from the areas which include possible flammable substances

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