Bee Infestation -What Are The Signs of Infestation?

Though bees play an essential role in the environment and the ecosystem, they still are fatal for humans. Bees can be good for the environment if kept in a controlled environment or away from humans. Such conditions are partially achievable, but some are not, and that is when bee infestation occurs.

Honey Bees constantly search for a place where they can build their hive and produce and stay protected from other living organisms. While searching for shelter, bees bump into your house and start building their nest there. This is nothing but a red alarm for you and your neighbors.

Bee Infestation is one of the most dangerous kinds of pest infestation you can ever have. There is the constant danger of the bees attacking you and your loved ones, but there is also a danger of hornet bees that are attacking the smaller bees, and we humans can get into their crossfire. So it is always suggested to contact a professional Pest Control that will control the infestation at your residence.

Signs that you have a Bee Infestation at your house.

  • Large Swarm of Bees:

 If you have a bee infestation at your house, you will notice large groups of bees flying around in your yard close to the nest. This is very noticeable due to the high-flying sound they make while flying. Moreover, if the nest is inside the house, you will notice bees inside your house.

  • Locate Active Bee Nest

Active bee nests can be anywhere from ceiling to floors, on trees to gardens, etc. If you have located an active nest, you should not try to poke it or remove it all yourself. Moreover, to hear the buzzing sound very carefully, bees tend to make loud noises when they fly in groups, as discussed in the earlier point. You can also look at the flying bees and identify where the nest is located.

  • Black Patches on the Ceiling or Walls: 

If you have noticed black patches on the ceiling or the walls and the above-listed signs, this is a very high indication that a bee infestation is happening there. This black patch occurs when honey produced in the hive touches your walls. This leaves a black patch on the affected area.

If you notice any of these three signs around or in your house, you must immediately call for help. Bees can be notoriously angry creatures and protective of their hives as well. They will attack just based on suspicion if you or any family member is posed as a threat to them. Professionals have skilled talent that can be used to excavate the active bee hive from your house and isolate it in a safe place.

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