5 Ways to Tell If You Need Window Replacement

House owners usually may not be able to tell whether their windows need to be replaced or not. Many people also tend to overlook the condition of their old windows unless those are completely out of order. So, only a few simple facts can alert regarding the replaceable status of a window. The house owner needs to contact a reliable manufacturer of windows and doors, to get a new window for his home. How to tell if you need new windows?

1. More expense in heating or cooling –

Old window panes can be more prone to develop leakage on the sealing of joints. These minor gaps allow plenty of cold or hot air to enter the rooms, resulting in disrupting the comfortable temperature maintained inside. Thus, people need to run room heaters in winter and air conditioners in summer for a longer time, leading to a higher cost of using these appliances. If a house owner notices more expenses in his/her monthly utility bills, it can be a warning sign of damaged windows that need replacement.

2. Feeling the cold wind beside a window –

If one feels a draft of cold wind while standing by a tightly shut window, it means there is any gap in the window frame through which air is blowing in. It can also be tested by placing lighted a candle or an incense stick before the window panes. If air is getting through the window, the flame or smoke will deviate, proving there is leakage in the window and it needs replacement.

3. Stiffness of window panels in operating –

People need to open and close windows daily, for which window panels should be easily movable. If much strength needs to be exerted to open or close a window, it should be replaced at the earliest. The metal window frames are damaged by rust, leading to this stiffness of windows. Molds in wooden frames also cause the same result and replacement is the only option.

4. Haziness between window panes –

If water condenses between two glasses of double-pane windows, it means there are sufficient spaces for the humid air to flow in. In winter, this condensation turns into ice and may further damage glass panes. Though these windows can be repaired as well, replacement is the safest option for house owners, to avoid further problems in windows.

5. Unnatural coldness of window surface –

If one feels the glass surface of a window too cold during winter, it may indicate that the window fails to insulate the interior. This lack of insulation may cost in spending more energy for keeping the home comfortably warmer. Thus, this abnormal coldness of the window should be checked by a professional who can detect if there is any leakage.

All these indications should not be neglected and concerned windows should be replaced to save money on utility bills and keep the home comfortable.

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