3 Steps to Properly Care for your Leather at Home

Leather is one of the most beautiful materials that is also long-lasting. A good leather jacket, purse, or shoes also don’t come at a cheap price. This is why it is important to make sure that you care and maintain your leather properly.

If not cared for regularly, it ends up looking cracked, faded, and sad. And the good thing is that it is not even that hard to take care of your leather items at home;

Keep it clean

The very first step to maintaining anything is keeping it clean. Leather is not an exception. If you want your leather to last and keep its shine for the long run, you must ensure that it is clean. Before cleaning your leather, make sure that you know its type and finish so you can avoid making unnecessary steps in maintaining it. Start by brushing down any dust followed by wiping it with dump clothing. Do this regularly.

Don’t Use Soap

One more mistake that a lot of people make when cleaning leather is using soap and harsh detergents with harsh chemicals. What you don’t know is that these chemicals tend to remove the natural oils of the leather that are used to preserve the material. They cause them to dry, crack, and start to deteriorate. Just use water, it is enough.

Dry slowly

You want to let your Leather Crafting Workshop Singapore dry slowly on their own, don’t rush them. Let it dry without using any form of heat, not even the sun. Avoid putting it in machines or close to the fire. Attempting to dry it fast changes its chemical structure. This causes it to crack and brittle.

If you are a motorcycle rider for example and you get rained on your leather jacket, you might have to use the jacket while still a little wet for more time. Don’t be tempted to hand it out in the sun, unless you are ready to purchase another one soon.

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